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The massive new exterior jumbotron at Georgia Aquarium wraps around 2 different walls. I created some CGI content so that if you stand on the sidewalk and look up, it appears that you have a 3D look into the aquarium. It's an optical illusion. These are quick, mocked-up exports for the website (the aquarium wall is obviously fake) but next time I go down there I am going to shoot some actual video of the animations playing. There was a lot of measuring and scientific angles and trigonometry involved in these.  See below for some of the brain-busting science.

3d_ball-drop copy.png

Here's a look at the virtual template I set up with the angles all measured out. That virtual camera is not randomly placed, rather, it followed a very specific series of measurements to get it just right. 

Outlook-Image.jpeg (1).png

Angle of view vs. height and widths of the 2-sided jumbotron vs. distance from jumbotron...just thinking about this is making my head hurt again.  


These sidewalk perspective paintings were key to cracking the mystery of how to make the optical illusion work. 


This is the 2-sided jumbotron on the outside of the east wing of Georgia Aquarium where the videos are playing. 

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