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director / animator / editor

I am a filmmaker whose capabilities include live-action, animation, VFX, and motion graphics. I use all types of animation, live action, mixed media- paper, glue, tape, old records, miniatures, and whatever else I can get my hands on.
I began my career editing and creating motion graphics for long-format documentaries on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel, and truTV. I then started my own company, Taquet Film, where I serve as head writer, director, designer, editor, and animator on many projects for clients including Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, TaylorMade, and Showtime. 
My work has garnered many awards including “Best in Show” at Los Angeles Cinema Festival, New Media Film Festival, BOTU Film Festival, and the Cine Cine Film Festival in NYC. I created a short that screened at Sundance Film Festival. I twice won “Best Motion Graphics” at the National 48-Hour Film Festival. I've also won multiple ADDY awards. I edited a feature film that debuted on Showtime last year.
I am an artist who strives to create innovative, striking, and unique imagery, while carefully maintaining focus on impactful storytelling. 
I am a proud father to two young girls. Surfer. Mount Everest climber. Creative problem solver. Into pretty fun stuff all around. I hope you enjoy browsing my work, and I know you'll enjoy working together should we climb that hill. 

Here you can scroll through some pictures:

I want to add that recently (6/06/22) I have learned how to do a Rubix Cube. Currently, my record for solving is 4.5 minutes. 

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