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director / animator / editor

I am a motion designer/vfx, editor, animator, and director. And illustrator… and sometimes a writer. But Peter Douglas Mattson, isn’t that too many things? I can’t help it. I love every part of the moving picture business. I love meeting and collaborating with interesting and creative minds. I really love story-telling. When I’m working with others, I love getting notes and hearing all angles and perspectives - it’s where I often learn a lot. I love working by myself on projects from the bottom up for no other reason than it’s awesome, and I love it. For me, it’s all just really fun. From start to finish and everywhere inbetween. Whether I’m doing VFX for a feature film, directing a live-action broadcast spot, designing and animating a three-minute stop-frame animation made out of cut paper, editing a documentary, or creating a fully 3D animated short film, it is all interesting and fun for me. That’s why I can’t put it down, and that’s why I’m constantly looking for exciting projects, new challenges, and great people to work with. And no matter what the size or budget of a project is, I will work on it like it is the most important piece of art that has or ever will exist in the Universe because my daily goal is to MAKE SOMETHING GOOD.

Here you can scroll through some pictures:

I want to add that recently (6/06/22) I have learned how to do a Rubix Cube. Currently, my record for solving is 4.5 minutes. 

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