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"Billy Watches TV After School"  

s1 e1  ·  00:46 sec

A young Coronavirus is surrounded by stressful news

all around him. 


"Coronavirus Family Dinner"  

s1 e2  ·  01:34 sec

A typical dinner for a family of Coronaviruses. 

All Coronaviruses are bad Coronaviruses. 


"Covid Family Christmas"  

s1 e3 · 02:20 sec

Billy's father is angry over some questionable management styles at his office.


"Family Road Trip"  

s1 e4  ·  02:12 sec

Our favorite Coronavirus family hits the open road for a good old family vacation.


"Billy's Big Game"  

s1 e5 · 07:50 sec

It's summertime and Barbara couldn't be happier to watch her youngest son, Billy, in his first minor league baseball game.

  • Covid Legacy
    A young Coronavirus is surrounded by stress.
  • Why did you make this series?
    Because the pandemic has gotten a lot of people down, I wanted to add some positivity to the world. These shorts remind us how downright awful these Coronaviruses can be and unites us against them.
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