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3D Motion Capture CGI

Buck doesn't hate boxes - quite the opposite. But if boxes get in his way when he is trying to do dangerous detective work he will relocate them by any means necessary.

In Buck's mind there's only one place to get his breakfast burrito...a small, seaside shack called Las Palmas Burrito Bar owned by Mickey Giordano. Mickey recently put a fresh coat of paint on it. Yes, Buck woke up in his car.

Once and a while when the break is low Buck clobbers the stage at the Shark Bait Murderhole Tavern..

The sound the waves made when they crashed calmed Buck's mind, and because of this or some other reason, he never missed a morning.

After the sun sets at the break well that's when it's Old Buck's time to unbend a little.

Old Buck is a surfer who happens to yes also moonlight as a detective. Be careful Buck, something is coming your way.

Ole Buck is taking it real slow tonight.

Buck's natural state.


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